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Kennels for experts

True animal lovers want the best for their animal. Not a dog's life in a shabby and draughty cage, but an enclosure that offers shelter and protection. No animal is a silent sitter. Freedom of movement is a vital condition for your animal. Corton has succeeded in manufacturing kennels that meet these conditions. Kennels that are distinguished by a very high quality and a high degree of functionality. Corton kennels are therefore a household name among connoisseurs.


Give your dog or cat its own home. A place where he feels safe and secure. A place where he does not have to adapt his animal behavior to house rules and human standards. Such a place is a Corton kennel. His domain, his terrarium
  Dog kennels  
  Corton kennels consist of separate elements, which can be combined according to your own wishes. However, the various fence elements can be disassembled, so that a layout can always be changed.... read more >




Corton has various accessories in the delivery program, which are indispensable for professional users. Slides and counterweights, cot and bulkhead, feed stands.... read more >  
  Night shelter  


Anyone who is given space in a Corton kennel during the day needs to rest at night. Corton offers three variations in night lofts: a rustic night loft in log cabin model and two night lofts made of durable sheet material.. read more >  
  Dog hut  


A kennel and night loft in one. A covered outdoor area with 3 closed sides made of rabbet parts and a built-in night area, complete with wooden floor. The front is equipped with..... read more >  


In addition to kennel fencing and night cages, Corton has various solutions for housing your pet. Association lofts, special cages, puppy pen and playgrounds.. read more >  
  Cat housing  


Cats also feel at home with Corton. As with kennels for dogs, a spacious outdoor enclosure for cats can also be put together according to your own wishes. A safe solution for every indoor cat ... read more >  

Project in the spotlight:

48 Professional kennels with volkern walls
with bars 5cm
Dog hotel Vlieland, Vlieland
  more about this project >  


Animal shelter Amersfoort
Amersfoort // Netherlands
Foundation AAP
Almere // Netherlands
Animal shelter Bonaire
Bonaire // Caribisch Netherlands
Animal shelter Reijerscop
Harmelen // Netherlands
St. Zuiderzee stray animals
Lelystad // Netherlands
Animal shelter Zaandam
Zaandam // Netherlands

Why Corton?


Corton animal shelters has been a household name in the market for more than 40 years, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In principle, Corton chooses quality and pays a great deal of attention to the choice of materials and finish of its products. We constantly try to set the bar high. Our products comply with the most current state of affairs, especially when it comes to sustainability and safety.....read more >

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Discover our solutions in the field of housing for dogs and cats in our brochure and gain inspiration from the examples of realized projects. Compare our kennel materials and accessories

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  Kennels for experts

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