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Welcome to Corton

Horse stalls

Horse stables

  Corton horse stables for horses has been a tradition for over 40 years, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In principal, Corton opts for quality and devotes a great deal of attention to the choice of materials.... read more >  



Dog kennels and Cat pens

True dog lovers only want the very best for their dogs. Not a dog's life in a miserable draughty outdoor kennel, but in a kennel offering protection and shelter. No dog can sit still for long, whicht means that the freedom.... read more >  
Dog kennels

Metal construction

  Corton in Kampen has been a reliable and customer focused metal construction company for more than 40 years, specialized in tailor-made products in the field of equestrian equipment, dog kennels and cat pens. We are pleased to provide our experience to our customers to build high-quality products.... read more >  
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