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Examination stand

  Examination stand  
  Corton examination stands have been developed in consultation with practitioners to ensure the safe examination of a horse by the veterinarian. An examination stand is particularly useful at the stud farm of the veterinary practice. Corton supplies several models, including a version for a mare with foal. The horse can enter or leave the stand either through the door or the side of the stand. Besides Corton examinations stands are adjustable  
Types and options  
Inspection box with adjustable tubes and back door with rubber coating  
Inspection box with swinging side partition, back door with rubber coating  
Hardwood/bamboo boards  
Multiple layer coating system in RAL colours  
Treatment hardwood with oil  




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Examination stand "Professional" Left


Examination stand "Professional" Right

side door right, back door right   side door left, back door left

Why Corton?


Corton stable equipment for horses has been a tradition for over 40 years, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In principal, Corton opts of quality and devotes a great deal of attention to the choice of materials and finishes of its products. We constantly gear the requirementsour products must meet to actual practice, especially when it comes to durability and safety.....read more >

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