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Rubber mats, bricks and tiles

Rubber jigsaw mats  
Solid rubber jigsaw mats are hooked together like jigsaw pieces, resulting in a one-piece rubber floor. This floor is safe, insulating and soundproof. Corton jigsaw mats are places inside and outside the stall and give your horses a sense of security as they provide a non-slip surface. Moreover, you will save substantially on the litter.  
  Rubber draining stall tiles  
  Always a warm and dry stable for your horse. The floor stimulates a better circulation in the horse's leg and its feet will feel more comfortable on this floor. Urine is drained thanks to the draining effect of the thick tiles, which are provided with drains to the underside. The recycled rubber tiles are supplied in a handy size and should be placed on a floor with a slopte and drainage. Corton rubber stall tiles will give a saving on litter of up to 80%  
Rubber interlocking bricks  
A fine , resilient and sound absorbing rubber floor for the stable corridor, paddock, exerciser etc. The bricks of recycled rubber are anti-slip and water porous and therefore also very suitable for the washing area. Corton will be happy to advise you on the type of rubber flooring that best suits your situation and on the measures you may need to take.  



Why Corton?


Corton stable equipment for horses has been a tradition for over 40 years, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In principal, Corton opts of quality and devotes a great deal of attention to the choice of materials and finishes of its products. We constantly gear the requirementsour products must meet to actual practice, especially when it comes to durability and safety.....read more >

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