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  Sunlight in the stable  
  Thanks to the Corton Profisol solarium, your horses can enyoy the positive effect of sunlight also in the stable. You can dry the horses quickly and give them optimum muscle care. Vapour and respiration are quickly removed thanks to an effective blow-dry system with twelve powerful fans. The Corton Profisol solarium is equipped with a colour coating. A lifting unit and a coin-op are available  
New generation solarium with aluminium sections, housing coated in grey (ral 7016), lower plates in white clour  
Elegant and thougt-out design  
Special infrared tubular lamps for equal heating of surfaces and optimal distribution of light all over the horse without light bundles or bur spots.  
Thanks to powerful built in fans 90 m3/hour, and the open construction, the moist air is quickly abducted, fans are standard 50% operational and can be switched on to 100% by means of the on/off button for fans on the control box.  
Including 4 suspension chains of 1 meter length  
  Type P6.230.3240 with 3 elements, dimension 2040x1550x600 mm, 3240 Watt (IR6x500W), 230V-50Hz, 12 fans (12x90m3)  
  Type P6.380.4740 with 3 elements, dimension 2040x1550x600 mm, 4740 Watt (IR6x750W), 380V-50Hz, 16A, 5 poles, 12 fans (12x90m3)  
  Type P10.380.6900 with 5 elements, dimension 2040x1550x600 mm, 6900 Watt (IR6x750W, IR4x500W), 380V-50Hz, 16A, 5 poles, 20 fans (20x90m3)  
Control boxes  
Control box with digital timer, 10 meter cord, on/off button for fans, incl. power cord and optional switcht for lifting unit  
  Coin machine for solarium, 0,50 coins  
  Coin machine for solarium, 27mm profile coins  
  Lift unit, max. 1500mm adjustable in height, 240W  
  Set of galvanized wall brackets  



Why Corton?


Corton stable equipment for horses has been a tradition for over 40 years, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In principal, Corton opts of quality and devotes a great deal of attention to the choice of materials and finishes of its products. We constantly gear the requirementsour products must meet to actual practice, especially when it comes to durability and safety.....read more >

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