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Design stables

Sublime and ornamental stables, in a classic or modern design, with plenty of possibilities for an individual accent. For the horse lover a treat for the eye, for the horse a royal residence.
Corton design stables are partly based on traditional stable models, the way they were manufactured long ago from cast iron elements with ornamental post, beautiful door fittings and decorative ornaments. Corton has developed new design models, following a contemporary pattern. Corton design stalls are a treat for the eye and largely determine the appaerence of your stable. They are manufactured from high-quality materials with an excellent finish and are a sustainable and a valuable asset. The components of the various models can almost entirely be exchanged to your preference. Corton design stalls are manufactured per order and are available in a RAL colour of your choice
  Prince - Milton - Queen  
  Prince and Milton: attractive, austere and modern designs. Characteristic are their heavy square door posts and adjustable hinge points of stainless steel. Queen: a step up qua level. The robust round posts.... read more >  
Kingly low  
The classic stable wall in a low version with its beautifull curved shape gives a chic and open character to your stable. The door posts are finished with a cast horse head or a chic round collar ball. The frontscan be placed in a straight line, but also in a so-called V-formation by..... read more >  
  Kingly high, a royal stable  
  The classic high Kingly stall front is based on the design of historic stables. Characteristic of this decorative front is the heavy post portal with the stylish cast horse heads or round collar ball finials, the seperated upper and lower door and the connecting bar between the two posts.... read more >  
Rembrandt low  
Rembrandt design stall fronts and partitions are ideal for creative stable design. By applying diagonally staggered fronts, you can create fanciful layouts. Even the corners of a stable can be spatially..... read more >  
  Rembrandt high, high class  
  The high Rembrandt front may be preferred in consideration of particular horses or because of your personal taste. Optically, the low and high versions are similar. The high version has a door with a bent curve at the top.... read more >  
Tailored to individual design  
Perhaps you prefer a slightly different version. Corton provides a range of options for the design stables, so basically you can compile you own stable. Moreover, additional wishes can be taken into account to arrive at a version that will suit your personal preference and stable.... read more >  

Why Corton?


Corton stable equipment for horses has been a tradition for over 40 years, both in the Netherlands and abroad. In principal, Corton opts of quality and devotes a great deal of attention to the choice of materials and finishes of its products. We constantly gear the requirementsour products must meet to actual practice, especially when it comes to durability and safety.....read more >

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