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Horse stalls type "Professional"

  Strong, durable, safe  
  The strong Corton horse stall with extra hihg partitions and some special characteristics. The boards are mounted in unique double flange profiles, making the partitions very steady with a minimum of sharp edges and protrusions. In order to ensure the safety of your horse, the extra thick bars (with large bending stength) are set closely together. Moreover, the bars run through into the profiles, so they are completely stuck in the frame  
Professional fronts have a smooth-running wide sliding door with a strong top rail and roller system. This sliding door with guide rollers at the bottom is fitted with a reliable automatic bar locking mechanism. Revolving doors feature adjustable steel pivots and an integrated lock or a parallel closure.  
Partitions and rears are optionally equipped with bars or boards at the top. To prevent feed envy, the bar division can be partially closed with boards. To enhance mutual contact between horses, a grille in closed partitions is to be recommended  
  Professional partitions are also available in an extra strong version with frame profiles of 60mm wide, extra thick boards, etc. and various systems for turning away or retracting partitions. The horse stalls can also be provided with an extra small door in the sliding door, ventilation grooves between the boards, decorative posts with a nice finish on top, etc.  
  After hot-dip galvanizing. Professional fronts and partitions can also get a colour coating in a RAL colour. If you wish, individual bar elements without a colour coating can also be mounted  
Fully closed steel frame construction  
Approximateley 53 mm distance between the bars  
Bottom channels from from the floor  
Both ends of bars punched through the steel channel (no little holes in the bars)  
Heavy duty fittings (no opening in boards)  
Strong detachable rail supports  
Plastic, hardwood or bamboo boards with tongue and groove  
Standard supplied with feed opening  
Steel components are hot dip galvanized in accordance with NEN and ISO 1461  
Fine quality, after galvanizing sharp edges are removed  
Standard fittings inclusive  
  Front partition with sliding door  
  Sliding door left or right available  
  Sliding door standard with opening  
  Track over full length of partition  
  Complete frame with separate rail system, incl. heavy duty rail supports  
  Solid automatic locking bar system  
  Tandem type roller system, original ROB  
  Solid Govaplast plastic boards, black/brown and bars 28 x 2 mm  
  Closed bar section in sliding door  
  Top door in sliding door, with locking bar  
  Sliding bar section in feed opening  
Rear/Side partition  
Solid Govaplast plastic boards, black/brown and bars 28 x 2 mm  
Solid Govaplast plastic boards, black/brown in top and bottom part  
Hardwood or bamboo boards  
Sliding door approx. 300 mm away from side  
Ventilation grooves in boards  
Sight protection in top part  
Sight protection "classic" with elegant arch  
Multi-layer coating in Ral colour  
Immersion of hardwood in a water based oil  
1 or 2 rows horizontal boads with plates  
  The steel parts of all Corton products for the interior of your stable are hot-dip galvanized, which means that they are immersed in a bath of liquid zinc with a temperatur of about 450 degrees Celsius, thus getting an entire layer. The elements are constructed in such a way that they are provided with a zinc layerr both outside and inside, allowing the steel to be optimally protected against construction (rust formation). In case of an extra colour coating, the steel elements are also hot-dip galvanized. The hot-dip galvanizing is carried out in a modern factory according to NEN-EN-ISO 1461 standard  




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Type "Professional"

Type "Professional"

Type "Professional"

Front partition Side partition bars/boards Side partition boards/boards

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