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                  .....тип "Profisol 3.23.50"....  

3 long heating sections, coated in RAL 6009, back plate white reflection sheet (RAL 9010)

Elegant and thought-out design

Special infrared tubalar lamps

Supplied with 4 suspension chains of 1 meter length

Built-in 12 fans 90m3/hour each, 1140m3/hour in total

Standard deliverd with connection cord and plug

Dim. 2040x1550x600mm, 3360 Watt  (IR 6x500W), 230V-50hz






 тип "Suprasol 13"
 тип "Suprasol 18"
 тип "Maxisol 16"
 тип"Maxisol 24"
 тип "Profisol 3.23.50"
 тип "Profisol 3.23.75"