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Single hinged door with built-in lock to be operated from inside and outside

Adjustable eccentric hinges of stainless steel

Heavy round posts 133x3,6 mm with heavy foot plates and 8 chemical anchors

Available in type I with 50mm thickness and type II with 60mm thickness

Solid Govaplast plastic boards, black, type I 28 mm, type II 38mm

Round tube above with elegant arch in wings or between posts

Unique Corton double sided profile with extra force

Available in low type of 1500mm height or high type

Bars 26,9 x 2 mm with distance of 53mm, bars punched through and through

Optional available with hardwood or bamboo boards in stead of plastic boards

Optioneel leverbaar met aluminium (mat of hoogglans) of messing  deksel

Optioneel leverbaar met aluminium bol of paardenhoofd, goudkleur geverfd

Optional available with aluminiium (matte or shining) or brass cover

Optional available with aluminium ball of horse head, gold-painted

Optional available with 1 or 2 rows horizontal boards with plates

Optional available with extra security lock

Optional available with V-opening, door in two parts or double top door

Optional available with multi-layer coating system in ral colour
 тип Принц Professional
 тип Милтон Professional
 тип Королева Professional
 тип Рембрандт Professional
 тип Королевский Professional
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