Horse stalls
 Design stalls
 Shutters and doors
 Outdoor stables
 Horse exerciser
 Rubber floors
                  .....type "Maxisol 24".....  

Modulair construction, based on type Maxisol 16

Fully built-in bulbs, each in separate aluminium sleeve

Perfect in combination with wet places like washing place

Supplied with 4 chains of 1000mm for fixation against ceiling

6 fans of 90m3/hour, automatically switched on at 30 degrees

Provided with a cutout on the front for neck of the horse

Standard deliverd with connection cord and plug

afm. 1800x2140x640mm, 4520 Watt  (IR 8x250W, 16x150W), 380V-50hz


 type "Suprasol 13"
 type "Suprasol 18"
 type "Maxisol 16"
 type "Maxisol 24"
 type "Profisol 3.23.50"
 type "Profisol 3.23.75"