Horse stalls
 Design stalls
 Shutters and doors
 Outdoor stables
 Horse exerciser
 Rubber floors
                  ....."Sliding doors for outside".....  

Hardwood boards individually attached with stainless steel bolts and rounded nuts

Strong steel sliding doors, made of special steel channel

Incorporated hand grip to server from in- and outside

Strong rail wiht brackets and heavy tandem type rollers

Solid floor guiding rollers



Option: Steel cover for rail

Option: Multi-layer coating system on top of the galvanized surface

Option: With hook lock and cylinder
 type "Standard" shutters
 type "Standard" doors
 type "Professional" shutters
 type "Professional" doors
 type "Professional" entrance double doors
 type "Professional" entrance doors
 type "Professional" windows
 type "Professional" exterior sliding doors
 type "Professional" interior sliding doors