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                  .....shutter type "Standard".....  

Steel frame for building in existing wall or bricking-in

Hinges left or right available (seen from the outside)

Steel shutter with special Corton U-chanels

Main frame 900x900mm, suitable for bricking in openin 910x910mm

Main frame with anti-leak strip at the top

Main frame special L-profile 110mm depth

Hardwood, horizontally stacked, (not immersed), wood fitted in the frame

Standard with kier stand holder

Locking bolt to serve from outside

Adjustable steel hinges

Available with plexiglas and frame with bars steel 12mm

Multi-layer coating system on top of the galvanized surface
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 type "Standard" doors
 type "Professional" shutters
 type "Professional" doors
 type "Professional" entrance double doors
 type "Professional" entrance doors
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