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Bars 28 x 2 mm with distance of 53mm, bars punched through and through

Complete frame with horizontal tube on top and extra gliding rail, so 2 top profiles

Available in type I with 50 mm width of profiles or type II with 60 mm width of profiles

Solid Govaplast plastic boards, black, type I 28 mm, type II 38mm

Unique Corton double sided profile with extra force

Sliding with opening for head in sliding door, optional fully closed or top door

Heavy and detachable rail supports, type I rail 50x45mm, type II rail 60x55mm

Original ROB Heavy bearing rollers, each roller with 4 noise-reducing wheels and bearings

Free space of 20mm below U-chanels, for longer lifetime of profiles

Frame height 2300mm, standard width 3000 / 3500 mm

Galvanised according NEN EN ISO 1461
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 type "Professional"
 mechanical cleaning systems
 feed rack system
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 stand partitions